Mark Littlejohn

Woodland Wanders

A wander in the woods near Brotherswater at the base of Hartsop Above How. I just loved the position of the lone tree at the rear which appeared to be guarded by the other trees nearer the front.


I waited for an hour or so for the right cloud to come along. Might be too simple but I like it.

Edenhall Woods

A beautifully varied woodland at Edenhall in the Eden Valley just as the morning mist was starting to lift.

Lane, Edenhall

A lovely morning in the Eden Valley with the early sun starting to burn through the mist.

Neist Point Sunset

A colour long exposure just before sunset. This was taken from a slightly precarious viewpoint below the upper cliffs and on the edge of the lower ones.

The Farrier

My wifes horse had thrown a shoe and I was fascinated to see (and smell) the farrier at work.

The Eden Valley

Bales appearing through the mist near Great Salkeld in the Eden Valley, Cumbria

Two Trees, Temple Sowerby

Two trees at Temple Sowerby with the sun just breaking over the Pennines.

Birks Bluebells

Some early morning Bluebells on Birks fell overlooking Ullswater.


Dead Tree at dawn



The Roadside at Dawn

The Summer House


A Beginning and an End

A wee stream that existed only for a short while during a very heavy cloudburst in Glencoe. I was attracted by the fact that I could see both the beginning and the end of the stream. The driving rain and high wind made it a very fleeting chance for a useable image but I was delighted by the outcome.

Wall Holm Island

Wall Holm Island perfectly lit against a beautiful misty backdrop.

The Fairy Pools, Glen Brittle

Parkfoot, Ullswater

My favourite wee bay on Ullswater with Autumn just starting to creep in.

Stob Dearg

A cliche - but what can you do when conditions are like this?

Glencoyne Bay

First long exposure using the Nikon Df.

Light through the Trees

Ullswater Dawn

A rather beautiful dawn down at Parkfoot on Ullswater. This was the test shot for a long exposure which followed. I'm not sure which I prefer...

The Cliche

A spot were you are sure to encounter a horde of folk with cameras and tripods. But sometimes the light is too good to just walk on by. On this occasion there was no-one else around.


Taken in the last of the sunlight coming through the bedroom window using K-5 and 100mm macro lens.

Tree at Whale

A study in yellow - a lovely morning down at Whale village.