Mark Littlejohn

Edenhall Woods


Dead Tree at dawn

I look up to him, but down on him....

Three local ponies standing nicely for their photo as I passed by.

River Runs Through

Two Trees, Temple Sowerby

Two trees at Temple Sowerby with the sun just breaking over the Pennines.

The Road

A reworking of an older one using Silver Efex and LR4. Previous one suffers from too much noise (although it looks ok very small...)

Light through the Trees

The Summer House

The Farrier

My wifes horse had thrown a shoe and I was fascinated to see (and smell) the farrier at work.

Trees in mono

Full size this is 11,000x6,000


The Roadside at Dawn


Looking towards the Pennines at dawn. Single RAW file worked in LR4 and Silver Efex Pro

One Fine Morning

I've worked on this image two or three times as I like the mood. This 'final' attempt is a single RAW image worked on Lightroom 4.

Kirkoswald Tree in Winter

The Penrith Pong

Wildriggs animal rendering plant just outside Penrith. A horrible place that produces a horrible smell. I was travelling home early one morning and the very streaky light was highlighting the smoke in an almost beautiful way.

Morning Tree, Eden Valley


Rape field just after dawn down in the Eden Valley

The Stand Off

A group of curious youngsters just after dawn near Kirkoswald

The Eden Valley

Bales appearing through the mist near Great Salkeld in the Eden Valley, Cumbria